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Attack on Abib (RPG)

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>Abib in a Donald Trump Mech has attacked /bant/ and wants to turn it into /pol/ 2! A party needs to be formed to stop him from doing so.

Shitposter: (Attack: 5, Defense: 2, Magic: 25, Speed: 3. Dubs double the attack damage. Trips tripple it.) - (Player Needed)

Plague Doctor: (Attack: 2, Defense: 0, Magic: 100, Speed: 3. Dubs refill Magic back to 100.) - (Player Needed)

Kot: (Attack: 3, Defense: 2, Magic: 25, Speed: 10. Dubs let you attack twice.) - Player Needed)

Cirnoposter: (Attack 4, Defense 5, Magic: 50, Speed 1. Dubs increase defense by 2 for the next 3 turns.) - (Player Needed)

Fishe - It's some delicious fishe. Heals 5HP. (Heals Cirnoposter 10HP)

Red Pill - Doubles your Attack for 3 turns when used. (Doesn't work on Shitposter)

Anti-Gay Pills - Heals gay poisoning (Also heals Plague Doctor 5 HP.)

Picture of Kot - Increases Speed by 5. (Heals Kot 10 HP instead of increasing speed.)

Sprudo - Summons a swarm of Sprudos that attack Abib and deal 100 damage.

Passu - When used, makes Abib miss his attacks for 5 turns.

Cirno Plushie - Maxes out Magic (Only works on Kot and Cirnoposter)

>Note: You can stock up to 5 items. Example: 3 Red Pills, 1 Passu, 1 Anti-Gay Pill.