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I just remembered some embarrassing shit from the past and I think we should all share some of our worst moments, IN EPIC GREENTEXT FORMAT FOR REDDIT! :DDDDD *gets karma*

>be me
>be at school year 6 (sixith grade)
>two girls I like sitting on a wooden table outside in the playground in the quiet area section we had but it wasn't breaktime I forgot why we were there but there were only like 10 of us in there for some reason it must have been a special day
>I am walking backwards and I trip over a flower pot
>they see this but don't laugh at loud but I can see them smiling and quietly holding in laughter and they're whispering
>i wanna fucking die
>i talk to some other guys after this and like 3 mins later when I'm alone I trip backwards over a plantpot again
>I see the girls still sat there laughing at me and I feel really embarrassed even though it's not really a biggie but it really hurt at the time

That was pretty shit but I'm hoping you guys have some good shit though.