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White “masculinity”

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This is what happens when a consumer culture meets an honor culture.
Khabib defended his honor against a people who do not understand what honor is.
All the hate is just the projection of inferior men (not to mention, hypocrites.)
They are confused by a man who would forfeit money and fame for honor.
The West understands hedonism and shameless self-indulgence only.
Not self-sacrifice and integrity, even though they never stop talking about these things.
But it’s all just talk, as that drunken Irish nigger clown so aptly demonstrated.
You are only as strong as the purpose you follow.
And White “men” follow no purpose other than naked self-indulgence as they roll around in the mud like pigs.
You have become WEAK in spirit to the point where even a humble Muslim from the impoverished Caucasian mountains better exemplifies Aryan warrior values than any one of you 300 LARPing faggot pseudo-males who assent to feminism on a daily basis. Lol
Good luck winning a race war against Chechens, Dagestanis, and Afghans you delusional virgins.