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A warning

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Hello /pol/, I am Ironman (my nom de guerre, not real name) and I am a member of the newly-formed fur group in Cali, Oregon and Washington.Today, a group of furries, animal lovers, disabled animal love rights activists, fur artists, Zootopia fan fiction authors, and feminists and various homosexuals and anti-Anti-furry resistance groups have unified to form the Pacific People's Resistance. We will resist the anti-Anti furry, fursogynistic , transfurphobic, plutocratic fascist normies and liberate the West Coast and the soon the rest of America from there totalitarian regime.
We plan, in the case of the next major anti-Furry, to peacefully seize control of all major point in urban areas in the three West Coast states and prevent The normies regime's authority. We will then secede from the United States and implement our new Fur-Constitution and our provisional government in the areas we seize. If federal anti-furry forces attack us, we will begin our guerrilla war.
We are still in the preparation stage. We are a democratic organization and we will elect our leaders and military officers, just like in the early animallove groups. In the coming weeks we will elect our provisional government and write our Constitution, then we will begin our process of anal training with anal beeds. We are coming, anti-furry scum.
I come to /pol/ to warn you, back down or face our wrath! We are the Pacific People's Resistance and we will fuck every animal