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Guys what the fuck is going on I'm scared. Ok so first a bit of backstory about myself, I've always considered myself a fairly alpha masculine man. In my life I've had 7 different gf's which I consider quite the acomplishment for a male my age. In highschool I was the star Quarterback of my football team which earned me multiple college scholarships. I've always had a fond taste for rare steaks and other red meat. All my life I have had a ton of body hair. Not to mention i have a 9 inch dick. I also consider myself fairly conservative aswell, I mean hell I voted for Trump ffs. Lately though I've been noticing alot of issues especially sexual ones. First of all I've noticed a concerning lack in my interest for women, I can't remember the last time I found a female attractive and at first I thought It was just that women are becoming ugly but then I noticed just how uncomfortable I felt around them but still I thought nothing of it. But then I realized it was also effecting how I felt when I masturbated, to put it simply I was having trouble getting erect, and when I did get erect I could help but notice my penis seemed smaller than normal. My ejaculation also seemed to just dribble out when before it would shoot out like a volcano. My body hair also seemingly started to just stop growing, my head hair however grew at an extremely rapid rate. I started more time socially isolated myself and browsing 4chan, before when I would go on /pol/ and look at tranny threads I would do it to laugh at the freaks however recently I started feeling... weird.