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These posts are some of the most abhorrent, valueless posts I've ever read. They add absolutely nothing and only devalue the quality of this board. That fraction of a second I wasted glancing over these posts is something I'll never get back. What upsets me the most is that the moment before I die, when my life flashes before my eyes, I'll have to re-experience reading these desultory ">we" posts. You couldn't even bother yourself to add a shitty reaction like the rest of us? Couldn't muster up that -miniscule- amount of effort to search through your porn-addled hard drive and select an image? Honestly, you didn't even capitalize the we. Holding down the spacebar was too strenuous for your obese, disgusting, third-worlder hand to do? Or are you simply so far gone brain-dead that you're at a loss of words and unable to add anything of value to a conversation?
You disgust me.