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We got her boys, life is going fantastic

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>be me
>be 15
>go to shit-tier school full of tard-boys and qt3.14s
>sit next to a 10/10 skinnyfrecklebrunette.png /pol/ user in Eng/History
>we're inseperable
>highkey crushing on eachother, everyone could tell
>nobody cared kek
>go to health office everyday during Gym
>She's the teacher assistant that period, so we talk alot
>after she leaves to work in the library I get into bathroom, fap, and go to sleep on health office bed
>feels good
>go to Health office bathroom as usual
>start whacking it out
>forgot to lock
>said crush walks in
>her eyes widen and she stifles a scream
>she shuts the door
>don't finish beating it
>walk out of the bathroom
>she's just sitting there, holding back a shit eating grin
>"hey, don't you know how to knock"
>she laughs
>she smiles
>we both just laugh about it the next day
>she doesn't tell anybody
>we start dating about two months later
>we still going
>mfw she'll most likely see this and tell me tomorrow
>mfw you guys got me a gf

you guys are the best