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2nd Game Contest!

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Hey there bant! Who'd be interested in joining the second game maker contest?
This contest will have the theme of combination!
>But I don't know how to code!
That's fine because for this contest you could build the game from the ground up or made in something like game maker. Just make something.
>When does it start and when is the due date?
It's starts today and all games will be due by the end of the month 11:59 pm CDT (or if there are no entries when at least two have been entered.)
>What type of game should be submitted?
Any game you'd like! Could be puzzle, rpg, strategy, rogue like, just as long as it combines two elements from a games. like Mari0, Pakamari, not tetris, A history of video games, etc
>Why should i participate?
Why not. It'll be a fun excuse for bant to play/make games.
>What do I get if I win the contest?
The satisfaction of a job well done and 100 (you)'s.

Now time to announce last contests winners.