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Hi, I'm Simon Whistler, you're watching TopTenz and in the video today we'll talk about /bant/'s most cringe posters, shall we?
>Number 10
A classic, OP. According to the New York times, OP is a go-to homosexual.
>Number 9
Most namefags. A namefag is a forced local celebrity that has an army of loyal orbiters because they can't voice their serious opinion.
>Number 8
K-pop general, also known as "kpoop", consists of Eastern Europeans talking endlessly about Korean contract slaves made of plastic.
>Number 7
Redditors. A Redditor usually manifests by treating /bant/ as their personal blog where they could share their totally original inside joke their classmate made.
>Number 6
The gay, there's nothing more obnoxious than Discordfags Larping as the quote on quote "cute catboy OwO". They keep infecting /bant/ with their blog entries about gay dreams.
>Number 5
No idea, /bant/ is too unoriginal for another group.
>Number 4
Discordfags, also known as bumpcults, are constant circlejerks of worship and unfunny faggotry. The unspoken rule of Dickord is that every server is "le sekreit club" where you have to give every mod a blowjob for existing. When they're aren't bumping their own threads, Discordfags partake in useless drama such as "I'm going to mass report this guy for stealing my rightful circlejerk members." Pathetic.