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Happy day

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I wonder, I wonder.. if we had to place any XIX age genius in todays perspective - would the absolute ease of information kill whatever consisted of their character, abitious and everything elementary, that made them so crucial to their times - would they still be able to extend any fields of science..?
I'm just really curious what ratio to overall population consisted of raw intelligence a century, two or four ago, compared in today's standards~
I mean - it must be higher, right?
Even if population on Earth increased 7x since XIX, Internet and nowaday's world must've make up for it.

It's not like we multiply faster than what world around us can support with knowledge.
What would happen if that were to grow, what if it already started dropping..
If world were to be simple as Mouse's Utopia - no ecological factor, no real mass murders or wars, just plain and simple dependence in comparison - humanity would surely never go extinct, it's just near impossible.
But people are complex - their sophistication is what makes us fly too high and possibly drop in a way too drastic fashion.

Ebin videos for today~
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