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Flirting with Cirno!
Inviting Cirno to eat fishe!
Getting to know Cirno!
Walking Cirno home!
Comforting Cirno from her inferiority issues!
Holding hands with Cirno!
Kissing Cirno on the cheek!
Saying goodnight to Cirno!
Walking around the back of Cirno's house!
Waiting three hours behind Cirno's house!
Climbing up to Cirno's window!
Cracking open Cirno's window and climbing in!
Sneaking up to Cirno's bedside while she is asleep!
Covering Cirno's mouth!
Taping Cirno's mouth shut!
Holding down Cirno!
Slipping my hand up Cirno's nightgown!
Punching Cirno to stop her squirming!
Grabbing Cirno's ass!
Slipping my hand under Cirno's pantsu!
Fingering Cirno's cunny!
Pulling up Cirno's nightgown!
Kissing and licking Cirno's tummy!
Sucking Cirno's perky pink nipples!
Licking Cirno's armpits!
Ripping off Cirno's pantsu!
Pulling Cirno's legs apart!
Sliding my cock into Cirno!
Fucking Cirno in the cunny and then the asshole!
Cumming inside Cirno multiple times!
Making Cirno my wife!
Rubbing my raw cock on Cirno's cute little feet!
Wiping away Cirno's tears!
Wrapping my hands around Cirno's throat!
Strangling Cirno until she stops breathing!
Carrying Cirno out the window!
Tossing Cirno in my car's trunk!
Driving home with Cirno!
Putting Cirno in my garage!
Noticing Cirno is still alive!
Stabbing Cirno with my kitchen knife 35 times!
Disemboweling Cirno!
Spilling Cirno's blood all over the floor!
Cutting Cirno's body into various chunks!
Burying chunks of Cirno in a shallow ditch!
Helping Sakuya search for Cirno a week later!
Comforting Sakuya and assuring her Cirno is just fine!
Flirting with Sakuya!