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I hate this thread. You here me? I HATE this fucking thread. Every day. EVERY. FUCKING. DAY. I come into /bant/. And I see you goddamn retards making this stupid fucking thread. With that stupid fucking cat. And his stupid fucking face. ID WITH KOT IS KOT LOLE XDXDXDXD Every. god. damn. time. How long has it been? Weeks? Months? Years? I don't even fucking know anymore. Why won't you just have a look through the fucking archives. We've already had MILLIONS of goddamn IDs with KOT in it so why won't you just stop. WHY WON'T IT EVER STOP. I am so fucking sick and tired of looking at this stupid fucking cat's stupid fucking face. GOD I HATE THAT FUCKING CAT. Staring at me with his beady little eyes. Grinning his retarded grin like he knows. He just knows he's mocking me. I feel like this is getting personal. This isn't funny anymore. It's not even sad anymore. This is literally beyond every conceivable range of emotions. I am so. fucking. done. with. this. cat. It is absolutely impossible for you guys to be normal. You are all absolutely fucked in the head for wanting this. Why would anyone want this? Why am I still even hanging out with you retards? This is absolute indefinite proof that you're all a bunch of terminally brain damaged, chromosomally challenged, limpdicked useless wastes of internet bandwidth. And I feel sorry for myself that I even have to tell you this. Please. I cannot take this anymore. You guys are gonna be the death of me. Please. Just get rid of that goddamn cat.