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What happened to your foreskin? Surely the people who are supposed to love you the most didn't order the doctor to cut it off, Amerinon. Surely they didn't take one look at that shrivelled baby prawn, made exactly as God intended, imperfect but natural and decide that it needed life-altering surgery. Surely they didn't order the mutilation of a tiny organ that will grow over 20 times its original size, so that any mistake made during the operation is amplified to cause significant scarring and the potential for making it completely non-functional. Surely they wouldn't make a decision when your small but significant life could be measured in hours to permanently destroy your chance to know how sex is supposed to feel. Surely they wouldn't condemn you to a life of needing to buy lube and moisturiser, sold by the very people who supported the operation in the first place, no less. Surely they didn't do that to their sweet, sweet angelic baby boy. Surely not, anon, surely not?

Surely they wouldn't do all of this then convince the girls your are supposed to love that a natural penis is ugly. Surely they wouldn't deride boys who weren't mutilated, surely they wouldn't say "I wanted it to look like your dads", surely they wouldn't question your ability to take 5 seconds every other day to lift a bit of skin and let warm water hit it, surely they wouldn't say it reduces the risk of cancer, in the same way that foot removal reduces the risk of foot cancer, surely they wouldn't do this anon. PLEASE TELL ME THEY WOULD NOT DO THIS