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Clubbing and Politics

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Why the fuck do normies go clubbing?

I just don't understand clubbing. More than that, I don't understand the modern condition. I was a NEET for years and when I finally started working, I retained most of my NEET sensibilities. I don't buy things. I use an iPhone from September 2015 and I plan to continue using it until the next major iOS revision if not longer. More importantly, and to be more explicit about how this is /pol/-relevant, I still do my research. I look at studies—not just abstracts or meme images but the studies themselves—and I try to tie them in to my worldview. More importantly, I actively search for rebuttals for everything, too. Normies don't do this. "Actually"-ism is popular, especially with things they learned in some shitty youtube video, but when you present them with actual data, especially if it serves as a rebuttal to a common position on a controversial topic, they shut down.

I just don't know. Clubs seem like loud places full of drinks sold at 10x markups and mostly unattractive degenerates who are riddled with STDs. I have no trouble with women but I want a quiet, wholesome wife who hasn't had multiple partners. I don't understand clubbing.

>Pic related: Most normies think this is 50% and will actively defend their position even after being told the correct answer