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Okay, real munch. This spaghetti is on a never-ending slurp stuck on the path from being absolutely el dente to poorly cooked and raw pasta, and frankly, I blame all the autistic Gensokyo chefs for turning this spaghetti into a crunchy, disgusting mess, and this salty tomato sauce which assaults my taste buds like shit. Because of these three issues, good spaghetti like the Carbonara spaghetti are possibly gone for good. I don't mind a little sloppy spaghet here and there, but with the chefs poor preparation and their lack of experience, they're the ones who are ruining spaghetti for the humans and youkai. I'd tell you to sort your cooking or fuck off, but who am I kidding, this entire dish is a meal for dogs and I know that you'll just double down on your bad spaghetti after you read this post. I only wanted to share my mind on this spaghetti, and now that I'm done doing so, I no longer give a slurp.