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Alphabet Man #17

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Alphabet Man #17 is the real deal folks.
>Does a LARP typically persist beyond 400 days with over 2,500 posts?
>Does a LARP develop a sophisticated and consistent coded language in which to communicate?
>Does a LARP typically post OC images from AF1, WH, Oval Office, etc?
>If LARP, why a coordinated MSM effort to debunk?
>Why don't any "journalists" ask POTUS what he thinks?

Anti-Alphabet Man #17 talking points are stale and tiresome.
>Fake and gay
>Ironically predicted this
>Too difficult to decipher
>Never comes true
>Mossad psyop
>Encourage complacency

What does /pol/ *actually* think about all this? Let's see how long it takes until they slide or block this thread.