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Hello again, r/banter. It's time for virtual soccer again!
The 2019 4CC competitions will be starting tomorrow. This season's Elite Cup is being conducted in PES 16, so that means lots of goals and lots of spaghetti.

>I have no idea what you're talking about.
Check out these links!

>Oh, I get it now. Where can I watch this event?
Go to the wiki main page and click the Cytube link at the right.

>Bookmarked and ready! When is /bant/ playing?
Friday, February 15th - 12:40pm EST, 9:40am PST, 17:40 UST
Sunday, February 17th - 12:00pm EST, 9:00am PST, 17:00 UST
Saturday, February 23th - 12:00pm EST, 9:00am PST, 17:00 UST

>Please get me more excited for our matches.
No problem! Here is a hype video by Yuyukow!