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Git fuckin hype. /bant/ plays in ONE HOUR.
Come join us for some sick banter and autistic spaghetti fun!

>I have no idea what you're talking about.
Check out these links!

>Oh, I get it now. Where can I watch this event?
Go to the wiki main page and click the Cytube link at the right.

>Bookmarked and ready! When is /bant/ playing?
Friday, February 15th - 12:40pm EST, 9:40am PST, 17:40 UST
Sunday, February 17th - 12:00pm EST, 9:00am PST, 17:00 UST
Saturday, February 23th - 12:00pm EST, 9:00am PST, 17:00 UST

>Please get me more excited for our matches.
No problem! Here is a hype video by Yuyukow!