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I grew up in an extremely abusive and sheltered home. Due to this, I never got to do anything "fun" growing up. No Trick or Treating on Halloween. No birthday parties. No going to Toys R Us. No Chuck E Cheese. I'd always wanted to go, just to see what it was like.
My boyfriend offered to take me to buy some pizza and play some games, and I was really excited. When we got there, the person at the door stopped us, and asked what we were doing there without kids. I told her that I just always wanted to see what it was like there. She got really snarky and was like, "I doubt anyone would come here without ulterior motives..." I felt somewhat embarrassed, and tried to elaborate about how I never got to go there as a kid. She basically said that the other parents would never approve of a couple wandering around without kids, and it wouldn't be safe for the children then asked us to leave.
I'll admit, I am an overly sensitive, neurotic, depressed, pathetic loser...because it made me cry. I sat in the car for several minutes crying into my boyfriend's shoulder. I just felt...sad. I get the logic behind not allowing us in but it still hurt to be accused of being a pedophile in essence.
I guess I'll never know what going to Chuck E Cheese is like...