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hey guys im a non-binary trans whatever the fuck but i'm not really out to very many people because i don't want everyone to assume i'm some obnoxious attention whoring scene kid i just, feel really androgynous all the time.
i guess i really wanna ask you guys when you strip away all the weird bullshit that the """trans community""" does or all the stupid fucking "xe/uir/fhjdksaself" pronouns, what's really wrong with it? idk like i guess this argument is invalid if you don't think that trans people are the gender that they are so like if thats your opinion idk if you really have anything to add to this but feel free to say hi if you want

tl;dr if a nonbinary person doesnt make it the most important facet of their identity and instead has other personality traits like a normal person, is it ok? why or why not?