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Let's play a game

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So let's have a scenario where you as a member of this /bant/ can chose options to see an answer given by me the sweden or that other canadian and we will tell you where your choice will end up after you've chosen the most suitable option for you in accordance with the scenario which will be given here:


You find yourself lost in a whirlpool of broken dreams sighing loudly into the gloomy night as your friends (Lets call him J) stares back to you with those big eyes only a werewolf could produce. With this new realization you're struck with immense fear (I mean, who wouldn't be scared of something that can't really be explained, not to mention that you're supposed to know J, yet you didn't know this very important part which seems to be really important). You now have three choices which can be chosen accordingly to produce a unique outcome just for you:

A) You seek refugee in the abyss waiting for someone to come help you, you know you can't face the lion alone and you're too pussy to face that lion alone either way. You need help from the void, so you go there to seek shelter, food and help against J.

B) You decide to take arms inside your own hands and attack the fire spitting beast marking your own teritory on his bare neck as you kiss it with your tender lips while holding the sword fiercly between your god-given hands.

C) You smack your teeth together as hard as possible to make sure the sound distracts the sleeping giant from hearing your existence even being there in the first place, naturally such an action would only create confusion but also hopefully that slight thought that maybe, just maybe he didn't exist in the first place as you ride your way through the experience without experiencing it in the first place.