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Day 15

!!buon54ZC+Js ID:ImWOc2Us No.7958555 ViewReplyOriginalReport
Daily reminder that this Proxyfagging, Danish, jobless subhuman is a cryptospammer, a pony spammer and a pedo spammer.
Also, they are the fake Romanian Schizo:
They also sperg'd out on this thread and proved it for me.
Finally their obsession with Ritsu further proved it.
Image hash confirms:

In typical degenerate fashion, they're trying to impersonate me in order to smear me. If they use my name without my secure trip code (!!buon54ZC+Js) then it isn't me.
Final note: I haven't been b& once for this. When the report function is spammed the thread is taken down, but must then be reviewed by mods before a b& can occur. You'd know this if you used it normally, instead of abusing it.