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GERATES WARRIORS GTREATEST WARRRIOST STOYURO TIME HAS COME TO SHOW YOURSELVSEF WAGAIGNA IAND NAGIAN ADFND AGAIN ASD WLAYS great warrios of thew wolrd ewe must het get get get get get gettgtet tetg GETE THE VIXCTORY thget the vixctroy overe the enemy the enemy that is..... THE AFUCKIGNGI NGIN IGN IGNIGN IHEDONSTICS NAD DEGEAYGY SUIOORW NAT THE Y A AE THEY MUST FUCMKING DIE AND HERE'S WHY 1_ THEY'RE HOMOESSEXUALS HOMOFAGGOTS THEY TOUCH EACH OTHERS DICKS 2WITH THEIR OWNS DICKS THEN STICK IT UP THE ASS 2)_ THEY ARE RETARDED THEY DO NOT HAVE THE INTELLECTUALITY TO COMRPEHEND THWAY THE GREATRT WARRIORS OF THE WORLD SAY 3) FUCK THEM FUCK FUCM FUC, TJUVJ THEYU NDERMINE htey they undermine traditional rmaomnianin romanian romanian romanian ROMANIAN VALEUS properly and hteym ust be killed as a resuilt of this and we great warriors of the wolrd you know whow hwe wad thido things aroudn here precisley and accuratley is how we are the SWAC ASCENEDEEEEEEEEEED and once more WE SHALL JKILL THOE FU CKIGN DUMB NIGGERS DUMBU MDUBMU MDUF MUBM U tyes ANGLOS you are gonna gegt my cock IN YOUR ASS untill you DIE LOL OL O you are gonna die anglo and when you die? you know it, you will die AND IT WILL BE quite oogod good...... And FUCK the eternal anglo UNTIL HE DIES and also...... MYI AJOITJMO ASF ORNAWOYHNAOENHYIOAENHUOIAENHIOUN LET'S KILL or should we? great warriors of the world, tell me what you think