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“ugliest flags” edition

Welcome to /flag/, the general which supports the extra/flag/s plugin, which can be downloaded to give 4chan users on /int/, /pol/, /sp/, and /bant/ the ability to select “regional” flags for their respective country.

>what are extra/flag/s
extra/flag/s is a plugin which is similar to 4chanx in that it gives you the ability to select additional flags to go alongside the flag you already have, but rather than memeflags, extra/flags/ allows you to select regional flags. For example, if you live in California, you can select the California state flag, followed by any of California’s counties, then its towns. This applies throughout the whole world, from the US to Liberia.

>other concerns
extra/flag/s cannot locate you outside of the basic ISP having a certain country. Therefore, it is up to you to select your own flags. The regionals will only work within the nation your ISP is under, so for example you cannot use the flags of London, England if you live in the USA.

>is this a malicious script
No, extra/flag/s is open source and 100% safe to run.

>how can I install extra/flag/s
See more: https://gitlab.com/flagtism/Extra-Flags-for-4chan

>I’m having trouble installing
Chrome: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/flaghunters/Extra-Flags-for-int-/master/misc/chrome-install.webm
Firefox: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/flaghunters/Extra-Flags-for-int-/master/misc/firefox-install.webm
Opera: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/flaghunters/Extra-Flags-for-int-/master/misc/opera-install.webm

>Collecting Flags?
World template: https://i.imgur.com/DcBPwzx.png
Regional templates: https://gitlab.com/flagtism/Extra-Flags-for-4chan/tree/master/maps
About 4chan's flags: https://i.imgur.com/w9VDsop.png