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Existential dread. You got some?
Why is it so hard to crawl back from the pit, Anon? We study all sorts of holes in psychiatry - to understand their structure, to know how to avoid permanent contusion from the fall or recognize them. That knowledge is free to the public, yet even when one is to know very well what's happening in their brain and why are they feeling that particular, often crushing sensation.. we just cannot really get over it, can we?
We can be rejected, irrational, drove mad, get hurt or betrayed, sometimes simply discouraged not even directly, but as a backslash of somebody's success, comparison. We can experience it dozens of times, study and know every single chemical compound of those reactions, yet some of them will always hurt the same and we will forever keep dragging our bodies over them, not only conscious of what's about to happen, but still often as mistakes.
We fall into the same vicious circles of grief, pity, sorrow and despair. We crawl back from them and never learn a thing on how to mitigate their damage. Or do we..?
What are your ways of avoiding such problematic experiences in your life, Anon~? Are there any that can be shared and understood by another person that never found themself in a need of using it?

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