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Cringiest shit you've done

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>be me
>first week of high school senior year
>insecure pseudo-intellectual phase
>take some philosophy-based class for English
>decide to impress the teacher by writing him a massively cringy email
>trying to look like a literary genius so I use a bunch of rhetoric that really comes across as insulting
>even mention my 2260 SAT for no fucking reason
>later that night I realize that was probably a really bad idea
>beginning of class the next day I go up to him and apologize
>he says "thank you" in the most relieved way possible
>later that day
>parents come home and ask why I wrote that email
>"what are you talking about?"
>turns out he forwarded the email to the principal, who then forwarded it to MY PARENTS, ALL MY TEACHERS, AND EVEN MY FUCKING GUIDANCE COUNSELOR
>next day he addresses the email in class while making it obvious I was the one who wrote it
TL;DR wrote a massively cringy email to a teacher, teacher let everyone else know about it

I STILL get shit for this 5 years later.

Pic actually related. I can't even think of Daria without cringing