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The free market in all its glory

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Tell me how the fuck is this possible? Where on earth is this shit acceptable? Can some of you free market fuckers defend this? Isn't this just another example of the failures that the market produces? People are TOO FUCKING DUMB.

This bitch makes like 200k a month from brainless thirsty retards, and this is only the beginning. I predict that there's going to be thousands if not tens of thousands of those whores grabbing cash from virgins and failures in the future. How can we stop these thots and how do we fix the free market if consumers are literal monkeys? I also have to remind you that these are the same consumers who are willing to pay 1k dollars for the same fucking iphone. The same retards who let the videogame industry rise the prices of videogames from 49.99 to almost fucking 80. Am I the crazy one? God fucking damn it.