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It's time, /bant/. Show us what you got:

>KoG nabbed the latest set of digits. "It's a very simple thing, right," he said before the show even started. "We want the fans to understand. We have a good idea what we're doing and that's it. We have nothing to announce for the next week."

>Watch more 'Star Trek Beyond,' directed by JJ Abrams.

>Afterwards, he went through the same process as everyone else. "And you know, I think we're on track," he said with a laugh.

>"Yeah? You're on track?" I asked as the audience gasped to find out just exactly what he was up to. "Yes!" he said.

>For further perspective, consider that the film was originally supposed to come out on July 21st, but the official release date was November 19th. The movie, by all accounts, made it through its promotional run with little fuss. But with no official release date since, how does this happen?

>"Oh, because it was shot over the holidays," he responded. "People have been requesting it for nine months."

>He then pointed to several more things that have been taking up the bulk of his time to this point. "Somebody said, 'I'm trying to talk about you,'" he said. "I'm saying, 'Shut it down, it doesn't matter.'"