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my boring life story in relation to sex

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i was 100% straight until i turned 23 when i discovered traps. When i discovered that men could loon like cute girls i was like "neat", but then when i discovered that it's possible to cum from the boipussy i was like "OWO WAts this" and then when i realized im a trap it was game over lads. So i was really gay for like 4 years, like i didnt ever think about women only men. I types like a woman and all that and always was being cute.

Well i have decided something, that makes a lot of sense. I will let myself be a trap like how i want but i have to let it go for a few yearrs. If i really want to do it, then i have to let it go. The reason is that being a gay makes you forget who you were before. It turns your heart black. Like before this trap obsession i was a simpler person. I didn't have to be a cumslut whose iq was reduced. But now life is very compicated because i reduced my brain. So overall im gonna let myself be a trap, but only if im careful about it and mature. Thoughts?