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Take Down the Fortress #6

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Let's take the fortress down, /bant/.

Also, sorry for putting this on such a delay. I didn't feel like starting an new one after the last session was finished and eventually forgot about it. Now I'm reviving it.

Fortress HP: 125


>0 - Get killed by a crossbow wielding archer. (Not much of a difference, but you get killed anyways. Can no longer reroll after this.)
>1 - Yell swears at the fortress. (1 Damage)
>2 - Fight against a ninja. (Has 6 HP. Kills you if you don't kill him after 5 rolls. You can't reroll after he kills you.)
>3 - Slash the fortress wall. (3 Damage)
>4 - Adds 15 HP to the fortress.
>5 - Try to break the door down with a log. (5 Damage)
>6 - Releases flaming rolling logs at you. Roll a 7 or higher to avoid getting killed.
>7 - Revive a dead anon of your liking.
>8 - A mage electrocutes you and an anon that rolled before you.
>9 - Burst through the wall with a tank. (10 Damage)
>Dubs - Double damage.
>Trips - Triggers a random event.

Good luck!

Soldier hall of fame:

American Animeposter (Been there since the beginning and hasn't missed a game since.)

Irish Anon with terrible luck (Dealt the final blow on the 1st fortress and got trips twice.)

American Anon (Rolled a 8222222 and cancelled all trips for that game.)