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For the appreciation of pre-modern art and the discussion of art in general. Modern art allowed under the circumstance of discussion. That is to say art of all contextual categories: music, painting, sculpting, photography, literature, etc.

I shall start the discussion with a focus on modernity and its representation within art. Carl Jung the famed psychologist who supposed that art was the representation of mans collective unconscious state. Whether true in a metaphysical sense or a social one it needn't matter for Jung himself never clarified. That art could both represent the current psychological state of man as well as predict certain psychic events within mans collective unconscious. Just as the dreams of an old man often warn of his death. And within modern art I cannot think of one central uniting principle other than this: The disintegration and destruction of man - (inferring the individual) within art by the destruction of beauty. This destruction itself comes in many a shape such as the absorption of the individual into the background, common household items or typically un-human things within surrealism or the nothingness of abstract expressionism. Though many a shape I shall say as example, so commonly the simplification of form. Man has caused the death of God as Nietzsche and Hegel put it and it is plane to see on script or canvas.