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Homosexuality is a natural part of the human experience. We know this because the prostate exists. There is no other reason for this massive bundle of pleasure nerves to exist inside your anus. We evolved homosexuality as a survival mechanism. For millions of years, the alpha of the tribe would occasionally mount and anally rape the other men (and especially the cute little boys) to show who's boss. Males who rebelled against this were immediately killed and therefore never reproduced. Any man with a status lower than the alpha's would be anally raped thousands of times in his life, so it really helped his chances of survival if he could develop a way to actually enjoy it. Males who tolerated being anally raped survived to puberty and passed on their genes. The rest were killed and their genes perished. The likelihood of surviving was thus vastly increased for any males who were born with slightly more pleasure nerves in their anus. Over millions of years, these nerves naturally clustered together into a single location to form the prostate. Now men have an organ which gives them roaring orgasms upon stimulation, but it also automatically turns you into a homosexual when stimulated.