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Reminder to the Anglo scum that you are not safe here, you continue to live on our domain, thrive in it, perfidiously deceiving anything in your way to attain your goals like the devil you are. You will continue to be ostracized and berated until you have left this board for good, we the white brotherhood shall not give up on this, we shall not give up on the good fight. We outnumber you bitch, we are stronger than you are and always will be you nasty creature. Reminder to all the white aryans in here that the aeternal Anglo is your enemy and if you think of the Anglo as anything else than that you are a fool, and the perfect prey for the Anglo, just another puppet to be backstabbed as soon as you're no longer useful. Join us white brothers against the Anglo, as he continues to plague this board, he continues to degrade board quality and spam his shitty threads and remarks all over this board, with the full white power of this board combined we can drive out the Anglo once and for all and triumph over them. Let us not give up my fellow whites, as we are many, and they are not. What they may scheme and plot, and concoct and brew through their cunning and manipulative minds is no match for our combined strength.