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>be in car ride with mom, sister and little brother
>my little brother kicks my seat and tell me to shut up for minutts
>tries to ignore him eventually call him a shithead
>sister then tells me its my fault he acts like this because he got it from me
>i always act nice to my brother when he doesnt start being a cunt to me
>when i ignored him kicking me and spitting at me they never punished this demon child
>my mom and sister keeps talking how im the reason he is a demon child, while my little brother keeps kicking my seat and telling me to shut up
>i tell them "FINE its my fault just shut up"
>mfw they keep continuing whenever i tell them to stop
this isnt the first time they have ganged up on me. i wish they burned in hell. if they felt a ounce of betrayel i have felt from them they would understand why i hate them so much.