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Alright /bant/elopes. Let's make a list of posters on which it is completely necessary to constantly shit on until they never come back. These posters are the worst we can get. They're full on imptrashes and aren't even afraid of admitting it. They do NOTHING to contribute to this board, all they do is worsen its quality and make it more attractive for its kind.
I'll start with the Discord Crew:
- Karen (British Flag);
Uses dots and caps the first letter in every sentence. Usually blogposts, can be seen gayposting. Suspected to be Proxybong. Animefaggot, somewhat avatarfags as Karen.
- Irish Faggot;
Nu-/r9k/ incarnate, won't stop blogposting, gayposting and metaposting despite being a summerfaggot that's overstayed his "welcome". Is a JoJonigger, uses edgy goth thots from time to time.
- Forest:tm: (Norwegian Flag);
"Nice"fig that won't stop allowing for the worse kind of people to come. Seen blogposting, does terrible threads made to stroke his own ego and won't stop derailing everything. Animefaggot.
- Dylan (Aussie Flag);
Drunk faggot, all he fucking does is gaypost and blogpost, admitted multiple times he's merely fishing for attention. Avoid threads at all cost. Animefaggot.

What can you do you may ask? It's fairly easy. Don't participate in their threads. Don't reply to them. If their threads are getting bumped because the entire Discord crew is here and talking on /bant/ instead of Discord, spam it into oblivion. Don't enable them. Ever. This is for the bettering of /bant/.