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NEET Attorney, Programmer here. Why am I hated?

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I'm a NEET attorney, and a programmer as well.

Half my (extended) family hates me and thinks I'm a "fucking idiot".

The educated side of the family does not hate me.

My programming for one project alone, which I brought up from 18 weapons to over 200 weapons, is worth 4 to 6 million dollars according to the source lines of code calculator that the linux devs use.

(Not to mention the mapping, 3d modeling, textures, pixel art, and music I produce)
(A very small sample of the 100+ models I've made over the years: )

I also have marble floors in my domicile (because I cut and placed them down, with border vs 45 degree angle placement), finished 1/3rd of the house myself (the unfinished areas), I am hated for this aswell ("trying to upstage us!"). I'm also handy with the coping saw to make properly installed crown molding.

I reminded the LKML that non-exclusive free licenses are revocable since they are not supported by consideration (and obeying a pre-existing duty doesn't cut it), which triggered about 30 articles on the topic 6 months ago.

(and here's more recent:

You know why I'm hated? (Tell me)
I think it might be because I do whatever I want, and study what I want, while they work 1 job for a boss all their days, learn nothing, and want others to join their misery.

Oh and because I accept and support YHWH's allowance that men may marry cute young girls (white men hate this: MUUUHH WHITE WUUMAN) (YHWH allows men to marry young girls: Devarim chapter 22 verse 28 (na'ar (hebrew masoretic text: child)) (padia (greek septuagint: child)) (puella (latin vulgate: young girl)))