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Kinoplex RP

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You all are coming to the kinoplex tonight for whatever reason. There's a huge crowd today, and that's because 4 new movies just released.
The first one is basedvengers: the last jedi. you see a bunch of onions chugging faggots lining up with their nintendo switches. They have their wives son with them, and some even brought their wives BLACK boyfriends.

The second one is an epic gamer movie called joker. You see a bunch of incel virgins, and oddly enough, a bunch of chads line up for this movie. The chads and the incels are a stark contrast.

The third one is the latest slow burn, bone chilling, atmosphere-oozing, trope-subverting, genre-redefining, gut-wrenching, spine-tingling, emotionally draining, paranoia-inducing, jaw-clenching, nerve-wracking, dread-inducing, character-development driven and cheap jumpscares free A24 horror film. you see more basedboys in this one, but it's mixed with females and more normal looking people.

there's a huge crowd to get through in order to buy your tickets from robert, or attend your janny job or whatever. You all start here, trying to get through the crowd.