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/TIG/ Targeted Individual General

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It's time to summon the Israeli schizo posters. It's time we talked about this. It's the collective autism figures out what none of us possibly could.

New to /TIG/ and gang stalking?

Do your own research. Mind the disinfo. Don't rely on the first google result. Listen to alleged whistleblowers and victims. There are no survivors. Only victims that havent passed yet. Mind that it's supposed to resemble mental illness. MK Ultra didn't disappear. It evolved.

The big questions.
> Who is behind all this?
The cabbalistic gov? The illuminati? Dare I say the jews? Have we already created strong AI to govern us but lost control? Has humanity possibly been invaded by a higher intelligence? Possibly extraterrestrial? Demons?
> Why are you being targeted?
Common believes are that everybody is a target. Or that free minds or narrative opponents are targets? Is it just a study or an already deployed program?
> How can you get out?
> What is the program?
> How can you protect yourself?

Any anons with intel, please speak up. It's time.