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Worldwide Risk Thread

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Hello again /bant/, I promise to not cock this one up

Welcome to the Worldwide Risk Thread hosted by A Tremendous Faggot.
How to Join:
Reply to either this post or the lastest map update (usually called a mupdate) with your country and trip. Once you are in, I will acknowledge you in the next mupdate and your country name should appear in the Claimed Nations box.
If you join before the game starts, you can change your country's color only once. After the game starts, though, you cannot change your country's color.
War Rules
If you and another country attempt to take the same territory/attack each other, then you are at war. You can either defend or attack. Whoever gets the higher roll between the two gets the all of the land. If you defend, then you cannot gain any territory at all, Period. *example*: Country A and Country B are at war. Country A attacks Country B, but Country B defends against Country A. If, say, Country B rolls a 0 and Country A rolls a 6, then nothing happens. But, if Country A rolls a 4 and Country B rolls a 2, then Country A gets to take 20 Territories off of Country B. HOWEVER, if Country B defends and Country A wants to take neutral territory between the two and Country B gets a higher roll, then Country A gets the neutral territory but cannot spill onto Country B. Make sense?

We will begin when we have 4 players
4 more players needed