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Happy day

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How to live, Anone?

It should all come by itself, that's what society is for, yet there are so, so many unhappy, unsuccessful, broken and lost people - everywhere.
I feel like ninety percent of society is wasting themselves, with a saddening amount of sorrow in those who notice it. The rest are either lucky, yet unfulfilled or lucky but do not notice it.
Only those that never think twice about a chance they have already missed or choose from, seem to live - not to their fullest mind you, but just without that poison in their minds.

Because for me, since my earliest years of childhood, there was no bigger fear than to waste somebody. Rot in prison, be forced into slavery of worst type with no hope of redemption, get struck immortal and then stuck inside a mountain - that kind of shtick.
Or simply.. get bad at life, here and there - get confused, lost, with a road ahead, paved by those mistakes till the very end, or at least until it will all be already too late. And it's such a horrific, happening all the time, scenario, for millions of people all around the world.
No one deserves to be fueled by fear of the unknown.

We've got society, we've got developed countries - heck, at least provinces, cities bigger or smaller - portions of land with a rather unanimous mindsets, similar taboos and feelings towards things we face everyday. We've got Internet, ways to get into people - yet there are still "bad fruits", people still get confused, misguided, misunderstood.
It's as if an entropy of human minds living together - that commitment one has to make to survive, that specific way one has to travel and rules to follow - if cured, would certainly close us towards a palpable utopia.
And that's really sad, because both sides are fairly imperfect and communism doesn't work.
At least we aren't fighting on trees with poop and sticks, though these must've been definitely much simpler times.

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