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Kiss my ass, you 4chan fascists and fuckboys

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Kiss my ass, you 4chan fascists and fuckboys. I, the true and honest Dr. George J. Ciccariello-Maher, Ph.D, hereby declare divine jihad against the Hitler-worshiping buffoons on this disgusting site. You represent everything evil in the world, but the Marxist revolution will win in the end. I’m not afraid to stand up to you bullies. I’m a committed scholar, a deeply ethical writer, and a terrific human being. I’m selfless and I’m brave, and I live my life for true and honest communism and formal education. I once debated Tucker the Sucker Carlson on live TV and I handed his ass to him so hard he almost cancelled his show once and for all. I regularly get into fistfights with Proud Boys and the police and I always win. I truly do not give a fuck what you assclowns think of me. I abandoned my own wife and son like a real man to hook up with one of my students and I haven’t lost any sleep about it, so there. You’re afraid to face me IRL and you’re afraid to debate me here. Just by posting this fearless quality content, I have defeated the demon known as 4chan once and for all and there’s absolutely NOTHING that any of you can do about it. So suck my big dick while you finger my muscular anus, why don’t you? (pic extremely related; it’s me in all my glory)