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>in middle school
>you begin to notice that a lot of your male classmates are feeling uncomfortable around you, and they are making fun of you by calling you a girl
>only you female classmates are your friends now, but they act particularly weird around you too
>in high school
>female classmates start referring to you by a feminine version of your name
>the ladies even make a pit of comparisons between you and themselves
>another female classmates tells you that she would like to date you because she is really sapphic and you are suitably feminine
>an older girl in your circle of friends says straight to your face that she wants to take you to her home and dress you up like a doll
>when you tell one of your closest friend who also happens to be female that everyone is overly reconnecting you as feminine, she tells you as your friend that you are
>after graduation, out in society, children ask their parents if you are a girl, and men also hit on you
>you wish more and more that you were actually female, because then being seen as a girl would be more okay
>you tell your older brother about this
>"those girls were force-femming you, dawg"
>"turns out, a lot of women have a fetish about dominating guys by enforcing the idea that they may as well be girls"
>you go full-stockholm and tell yourself you were the only one with the fetish and that it was your fault because you wanted them to do that the whole time, even though they did it anyway without you asking
>your only guess as to why is because the thought of your sense of self-identity being reconstructed by others according to their started observations and desires of you is terrifying

i can't solve this, /bant/