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>be me
>part of the problem
>want to be part of solution
>final solution
>black girls are disgusting
>castizas are disease ridden whores
>white girls are a nono
>asian girls outright dislike me
>opt out of the genepool and the pleasure because it takes precious time away and I get nothing in return
>can't enjoy things anymore besides breathing thanks to genetically fucked lungs with asthma
>decide to live a pure life
>meet traditional girl who also desires a pure life
>we click on at the moment
>chat and stuff
>one day
>"anon a pure life is impossible, you should try sex, not like fuck every girl but you should try before taking a decision like that"
>"sure, not closed to that"
>time later we chat and stuff, too busy because of work
>"Anon, let me tell you a secret, I was raped"
>hear her out
>asked if she notified the authorities about it
>she said she was the one to blame since she didn't say no and actually liked it
>then basically she just says she told me she was raped because the guy who fucked her cucked his actual gf with her and she didn't know
>"yeah and I'm worried to what will happen to this baby" n shit like that her life will go to shit and all that jazz
>go back home
>play vidya, draw, study while working
>read the bible, pray
>exercise and groom myself
>stop talking to her
>go back to not talk with any woman at all
>plan to quit job soon because too much whores around trying to take advantage of me

Traditional women are a lie, they are all whores by default. The only way to have a traditional woman is by making one.
I'm saving some money, soon I'll start my own business and make robot wifeys for everyone.