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Might have jumped timelines

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So I have either had a complete psychotic break or I have had something happen to me. Over the past few days I have been trying to evaluate my life to determine what the fuck has happened. Last Saturday I awoke in an unfamiliar apartment in a town two hundred miles from where I lived. In the other bedroom is the brother of my college roommate, who I have met before but barely knew. Luckily the passwords to my computer still worked and I went through my emails. Today was my first day back at work (used yesterday to research and evaluate), and I am still not convinced anything is happening is real. Luckily 4chan is here, but other websites I frequented are not.

Suffice to say that things changed. It's like I am in a completely different world. There are enormous changes including who the president is. The president from my timeline, his name was Micheal Mission and had a retarded fucking campaign slogan "Mission Accomplished". Rereading that last sentence makes me sound like a fucking schizophrenic, so I am leaning harder on the idea that I may just be having a psychotic break of some kind.

I don't want to tell anyone in my life what is going on because they'll think I'm crazy, but I have no fucking clue how long I can manage to keep up the illusion. I don't know what to do and I am confused. Please ignore the shit image, my reaction image folder is a lot different from the other timeline.