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>The Story
>Keegle moves into shitty apartment
>Crackheads outside window are annoying and always around
>Sets up speaker outside window with TTS and Media share so we can all use our autism to keep the alley clean
>Cops/Landlords/Thugs/Karens have all showed up out of concern or just looking for crack.
>Keegle has multiple noise violation tickets and hate speech tickets due to our autism.
>We are slowly taking over the wall with posters and graffiti

>Epoxy coins to ground
>Epoxy old cellphones to ground
>Leave bags of clothes out for homeless to see if they give us a fashion show
>Create some form of throwing device *Coin tossing machine from last nights thread was solid idea*
>Keep Karen away from our wall at all costs
>Projector needs to be set up so we can play videos on alley wall
>Soap needs to be cut up put into tiny bags and scattered
>Glue the yellow curb

>see sauce on what media is currently playing