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Good evening Anonymous!
If you are anything like me, you are sick, recovering from feeling sick, or chilled to the bone from this cold snap.
And when you are sick, you might r-reach for anything to feel better. If you are just worried about being sick, you m-might even reach outside the medical industry to try t-to prevent it.
Unfortunately, vitamin C, oregano oil, hydrogen peroxide, and bleach (common "cures" for covid-19 I've seen posted) are absolutely ineffective against flu, cold, covid, and generally just like, being healthy in general!
Don't fall for scams or put your health in danger Anonymous!

Instead, how about some delicious home made soup?
The broth will keep you from being dehydrated, the chicken will make you sleepy, and it's all around tasty <4
It won't prevent or treat any illness at all, but it'll make you feel a little better!
And I've got a recipe just for you, easy to do even while sick and tired. Believe me, I tested this myself!

I'm here for you Anonymous, with a home cooked meal just for you <4
Let's heal up together, ok?