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>>wake up
>>feel sad about not having died in my sleep
>>jack off to keep at bay depression
>>turn on my pc
>>shitpost a little
>>see autists going on an angry rant on a board
>>get annoyed at their blatant idiocy
>>decide to try to start over a new leaf by leaving this shit hole
>>go on a random reddit community
>>see normies poking fun at autists and social outcasts
>>make a thread about my shit situation anyway
>>jack off
>>eat lunch
>>check out my pc
>>get downvoted into oblivion or responses like "just be yourself lol"
>>feel ashamed and upset about having my ass handled to me
>>delete my account and fall into despair
>>can't go outside because i'm quarantined but won't go outside anyway
>>jack off again to abate the pain
>>try to find a anime to distract myself but remember i've already consumed every relatable work
>>go back to 4chan
>>make this thread
>>mfw spent so much time on this shit hole the detachment from reality is palpable
>>mfw this website is a fucking prison i will never escape from
>There is no magic anime which will turn my life around and make me a socially functional person, I'm starting to think that my sole reason why I started shitposting and coming on /bant/ is coping with my uneventful shut in life, all of this shitposting is only useful to impress discord trannies which will label me a racist mysoginist incel and possibly even transophobe despite being somewhat of a transexual myself, assuming I'll ever meet an discord tranny in my entire life. I've already resigned to becoming a kissless hand-holdingless wizard in 9 years, and i might off myself when i'll run out of anime to post.