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>Grandma calls me this morning
>Says she misses Grandpa a lot today
>Says all the grocery's by her are empty and needs to shop
>get to her house, literally depression era rations in the pantry
>WTFGrandma.png, should have called sooner
>Go to Costco, BJ's, ShopRite, Walmart and the local monger/butcher to load her up
>Fill up entire car with food
>"Anon this is too much blah blah blah"
>Fuck that. Grandma's need lots of food
>"Thank you Anon"
>Drop grandma back off at home, stay for tea and biscoff
>Get a call at 1pm from Grandma
>"Anon you forgot something at my house"
>Go back over to Grandma's table set with paper plates and a spread of fried chicken and mashed potatoes, also broccoli
>"Thanks Grandma"
>"I love you Anon"
>"I love you too Grandma"
>have some blackberry schnapps with her while we talk about the virus
>"We're gonna be okay Anon."

God damn I love my Grandma. We're gonna be alright lads.