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/PAFB/ - Purge Anime From Bant #5

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As the Subject Field says, this is a general entirely dedicated to the most virtuous mission of eradicating weebshit out of /bant. Jerking off to a drawing and pretending to be a cute girl does not belong in /bant, but instead in any of the anime boards and /lgbt for the latter, although it really just does belong in the graveyard.

>Why should I help?
Anime is cancer and allow for degeneracy to take place. Turning a blind eye to it will only help make it spread, until the entire board turns into /lgbt2. On top of that, pisscord users pullulate with anime. Ever noticed how they're all gone whenever there's little to no anime present and it takes them a couple of hours to come back?

>How can I help?
/int eradicated their anime problem by having its userbase reply to weebshitters "You are not cute". If it worked for them, why not for this place? It is international too. Do not forget to put "Sage" in the Options field. That and generally avoiding replying to weebs.

>What file attachments should I use instead?
Pepes and wojaks are not only iconic to 4chan but also offer an immense variety of reactions, if that is what you seek. Else, look for 3D Real Life images, as weebs are all incels unable to cope with real life and will seethe thrice as hard when seeing a real life 3D woman.