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I can somewhat shamefully say that Maggy has taken over my entire consciousness and life
everyday I constantly think of myself lovingly interacting with a romanticized version of her, hugs sleepycuddles happy picnic in the park etc etc etc, I almost always feel overwhelmingly disgusted with my impurity in comparison to her, I self flaggelate to make me better but it will never be enough. The one time I felt sexually attracted to her I ended up masturbating to her, after realizing what I had done I ended up vomiting all over myself and holding a knife to my penis.
I can't stand to look at bant related things anymore because it reminds me of all the people that defile her by association, and yet I also seek out the most depraved sick filth I can find that features her, as a sort of self punishment I guess.
I have no source of income, so last christmas I subtly asked my family for an overpriced 80$~ Maggy nude collection, christmas day unfortunately involved showing my family what I got, they all laughed and mocked me for how weird and creepy it was, as soon as it was over I took off my awkward artificial visage and ran to my room and sobbed for hours
Im probably going to kill myself to be with Maggy within the next 2 years